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WhatsApp Sender Pro

Send bulk WhatsApp messages with just one click

Software Features

  • Send thousand of messages with only 1 sender number
  • Messages type: text, image, video and PDF attachments
  • Inbox features: Read incoming clients reply to your advertisement
  • Auto filter WhatsApp number while sending
  • Auto-reply any incoming messages with specific words / Options
  • Extract all members of any WhatsApp groups
  • After Sales Service: One year licenses, Support and Software Updates


Product Details

Whatsapp Sender Pro V8.1

New Features

  • vCard Importer:Import vCard to Contact list in software
  • Resuming: Resume Sending with no need to delete Reports.
  • Sending to Recipients with Names: Dear (his or her name)

Senders/Channels Auto Switcher (Blocking Defender)

  • Store Unlimited Senders/Channels in software.
  • Auto Switch between senders through sending.
  • Control Option for Delay between switching senders.

Random Sending: (Blocking Defender)
Multi methods for sending messages:

  • Image and caption in 1 message.
  • Image and text in 1 message.
  • Image THEN wait a second and send Text.
  • Image THEN wait a second and send a line text then wait a second and send next line .. and so on.

Spintax Feature: (Blocking Defender)
Auto replace some words in message content to avoid blocking:

  • Auto change (Hi) to : (Hello) (Good day) (hola) ..etc. – avoid blocking.
  • Auto change (contact) to : (call us) (talk to us) (more details) ..etc. – avoid blocking.

Cloud Activator: (Blocking Defender)

  • Add your Senders and hit Cloud chat check box; Then leave your Senders auto talk to Senders of every person uses Whatsapp sender pro. Awesome

Multi (Blocking Defender) while sending:

  • You are able to Send campaign using All Blocking Defenders in same time
  • (Auto Spintax & Auto Channel Switcher & Auto cloud chat & Auto Random Sending).

Enjoy sending with Whatsapp Sender Pro Plus. the 1st Marketing Software world wide.

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